No more land fill or combustion of roofing felt

“From roof to road” - Our brand.

The refining process of Tarpaper Recycling converts the bitumen-rich roofing felt waste to a raw material “BitumenMix”, that can be recycled 100%. This product can be used as binder in the production of new asphalt as it contains bitumen, the most valuable raw-material in asphalt. Roofing felt can replace bitumen to a certain point in the production of asphalt, somewhat depending on what type of asphalt is produced, roughly 2-3 % of totally 5 %.This contributes to a better environment by reducing CO2 emissions and solving a waste handling problem. This product has been recognized by authorities in Denmark, Sweden and Finland as it is cost reducing and has positive environmental effects. Danish, Finnish and German asphalt companies are using it as raw material with large environmental and economic savings as a result.

Tarpaper Recycling provides the future with a new patented method for recycling of roofing felt waste.

During demolition or refurbishing of roofs, roofing felt waste has traditionally been deposited in land fills or been combusted. Recycling of roofing felt waste is now possible, through a new innovative patented method, that provides a large benefit to the environment.