Tarpaper Recycling has a unique product and business model which has successfully been implemented in several countries. Tarpaper Recycling has won a number of awards for their concept. See some of them below.

Grøn Intiativpris 2017

Tarpaper Recycling won the "Green Initiative Award 2017" from Albertslund Municipality

EU Life Green Awards

Tarpaper Recycling is nominated for a "Green Awards" for their EU Life-Environment project

Øresund Direct Business

Tarpaper Recycling was nominated among 3 companies for the Øresund Direct Business Award 2016.

Det Svenske Demoleringspriset

Tarpaper Recycling received the Swedish "Det Stora Innovationspriset" by Professionel Demolering in 2012.


Tarpaper Recycling won an award for "Best EU Life-Environment Project" in 2012.

Vinnaremblem Årets Avfallsbehandlare

Tarpaper Recycling won a Swedish award for "Årets Avfallsbehandlare" in 2012