How can I dispose of my roofing felt waste?

You contact a Tarpaper Recycling representative, which you can find under Contact. Terms for the collection will be agreed on when contacting us. When you have gathered your roofing felt waste it will be collected by a truck.
It is important that the trucks have direct access to the waste.

Can I mix other waste types with the roofing felt waste?

No, you cannot. Roofing felt waste must be kept seperate from other waste types in order to be recycled. See our Sorting Guidelines.

What is the costs for this?

The price for disposal through Tarpaper Recycling is benerally below normal deposit costs at land fillings and incineration plants. Contact one of our Sales Managers for more information.

What does roofing felt waste really consist of?

Roofing felt waste consists mainly of a membrane of either card board or binder (bitumen) with a felt membrane and stone and gravel.